In less than a week I will be at Crypticon in Seattle, my first time ever as a guest rather than as a paying attendee.  It’s a little strange to think that I am a published author, with a book out in English and Spanish, and another book soon to come.  I even signed a contract for a third book, which is coming along nicely. 

So.  Crypticon.  It’s a horror convention that happens in Seattle.  Don’t know much more about it beyond that.  I’m on a few panels, gonna be pimping books at the Permuted Press table, and hanging out with other writers.  Should be a good time.

If you’re in Seattle and want a signed copy of RISE come by the table.  I will happily sell you a copy and sign it.  I may even doodle.  If you have a rare Lulu version of RISE bring it by so I can show you the differences between that and the Permuted Press version.

I’ve seen the cover art in progress for AGE OF THE DEAD, and it looks good.  Thanks to Zach McCain for that.  He did the cover of RISE too.

DEAD INSIDE, like I said, is going well, and is going to be my third Permuted book.  I’m currently writing chapter 20.  Out of how many, I cant yet say.  But I can see the form of the book now, the destination that is coming, and the paths to get there.

I’ll post more after the con, hopefully with pictures.