Some time ago I wrote a six-installment flash fiction story called Distance.  It was published in 55-word increments, a mode that challenges a writer.  Every word is important in that format.  Nothing can be wasted.  It was fun to write, and today I had some inspiration for further adventures in that universe.

It’s a zombie apocalypse story, unrelated to my novels.  Here are the continuing adventures of our unnamed heroine, set an unspecified time after the end of Distance.

Here is Separation.  I will publish it as a serial, in 55-word pieces.  Enjoy!


by Gareth Wood

“Wait for me!”

The car drove away, leaving her behind.  She knew they had seen her, waving.  But the dead were everywhere.

They were coming now, a dozen or more.  She ran back to the tent, grabbed her pack.  No time for more.

The road beckoned.  Running again, alone again, left with only her memories.