Gareth C Wood was last seen fleeing into the wilderness of the Rockies.  If anyone knows his whereabouts refer them to the authorities at the Mission Safe Zone or to the Salvage Team Director at Cold Lake AB.

An accidental author, Gareth stumbled like a blind man into the world of fiction.  His early efforts came not from any desire to publish anything, but rather from annoyance at the way characters acted in books and on film.  Having been published in two languages despite his best efforts, Gareth is resigned to his fate, and will keep mashing his fists on keyboards and hoping that something intelligible is the result.

Gareth’s books so far include the zombie apocalypse tales RISE and AGE OF THE DEAD, available from Permuted Press.  He is currently writing BLACK HORIZON, a science-fiction post apocalyptic tale of adventure and survival.  It has no zombies in it whatsoever.  He is also writing DEAD INSIDE, the third book in the RISE universe, which is where all the zombies can be found.  All of them.

Gareth currently is interested in archery, fencing, gaming, and sitting on his balcony with a good cup of tea.  Cats seem to like sitting on his lap, usually when he tries to write.  Gareth reads a lot of really good books, and might sometimes post his thoughts on things he has read recently.